Cover and … keeva76. When tender, remove chicken from pot. I will definitely add this to my recipe collection as a keeper! Hungry for some chicken n dumplings, tried this recipe and it is great! PrairieNicole22. Step 2 Prepare dumplings … *SOUTHERN STYLE DUMPLINGS (heavier and chewier) 2 cups flour, 1 cup chicken broth, 2 tsp baking powder, 2 beaten eggs. Perfectly tender chicken, soft fluffy homemade dumplings, and semi-homemade broth come together to make this chicken and dumplings recipe your GO-TO for comfort food! Stir to combine, then add browned chicken. In a large stockpot or Dutch oven cover the chicken with salted water and simmer until cooked through. Place chicken, celery, onion, bay leaves, bouillon and House Seasoning in water and cook at a low boil for 30 to 45 minutes, until meat begins to fall off the bones. Combine flour, broth, baking powder and eggs; mix well to form a stiff batter. Thank you for sharing a good'n. Cover, and simmer until chicken is tender and dumplings are firm, 20 minutes. And talk about EASY, this recipe is exactly THAT. Drop by tablespoonfuls into simmering soup. Stir in ground thyme and turmeric, then pour in chicken broth and apple cider. Remove skin and bones at this point, along with bay leaves. Cover pot and simmer for 20 minutes. While chicken is simmering, make the dough for the dumplings: sift together all dry ingredients, then … Absolutely delicious! Pour 2 quarts of chicken stock or broth into a large pot and start warming it up on the stove top while you make the dumplings.. Once the chicken is cooked, shred it with two forks. Place chicken breast on the baking sheet and Drizzle a little olive oil on the chicken and season with salt and pepper. Great recipe! Return chicken to pan. Bake chicken for about 45 minutes. Jan 26, 2014. Nov 3, 2013. Drop batter in simmering liquid in 10 heaping tablespoonfuls, keeping them spaced apart (dumplings will swell as they cook). Remove meat from bones and keep warm while making the dumplings.