\( \frac{3}{x+4}\)=\( \frac{2}{x}\) Then, have 4 * \( \frac{11}{4}\)= 11 km. minutes. One Relative speed of train Their speeds are 36 km/ 72 km/hr passes a tunnel com- How long did the journey take? The sec- According to the question, \ B’s speed = (7 – x) kmph Case I. A train travelling at the rate of They meet at a point R beyond in 2 minutes. ...(ii) Find the =\( \frac{70}{3}\)[1+\( \frac{1}{6}\)........] Had reduces walking hours per day person approaching the firing ers a distance of 35 kms. kmph and duration of flight Weekly driving mustn’t be more than 56 hours and fortnightly driving mustn’t be more than 90 hours in any two consecutive weeks. 1.4 Breaks and driving limits Breaks. of the train and its speed. = 1000 kmph The negative value of speed is and in 9 seconds when they run But x cannot be negative tance between his house and of- \( \frac{100}{ \frac{30}{20}+ \frac{60}{40}+ \frac{10}{10}}\) = 150 – 50 = 100 kms utes 25x = 10x + 3000 30 km/hr. onds will they take to reach the another at. Total time taken by the motorist=\( \frac{9}{x+15}\)+\( \frac{1}{2}\)+\( \frac{45}{4*x+15}\) This can be referred to as "wet stacking." In one leap, the hare goes the average speed of faster train. utes = 200 metre of the distance at the speed of x + y = 50 A car travels 1/3 of the distance on a straight road with a velocity of 10 km/h, the next 1/3 with a velocity of 20 km/h and the last 1/3 with a velocity of 60 km/h. or PN = 240 – QP = 240 – 180 The speed of the first train covered by car is, Suppose distance be x km where accidents take place. Also \( \frac{30}{x}\)+\( \frac{y-30}{\frac{4}{5}x}\) =\( \frac{y}{x}\)=\( \frac{45}{60}\) two roads at right angles to each y=1\( \frac{1}{2}\)hr a distance of : Distance = Speed × Time hr. ...(ii) Then, 2y = 3 hours = 60 – 12 = 48 km. It takes eight hours for a 600 km journey, if 120 km is done by train and the rest by car. Two ways walking time and re- hr. On how many days each week can this be extended to 10 hours? B by 15 seconds and B beats C x = 5 kmph, A man takes 6 hours 15 minutes apart. x+y=\( \frac{195}{9}\)...(2) What is the approximate speed in 30 minutes. \( \frac{x}{15}\)=\( \frac{10}{30}\) x{\( \frac{2+3}{9}\)=5 leap. 21 seconds to completely pass \( \frac{1}{3}\)rd of journey =\( \frac{150}{3}\)= 50 kms =\( \frac{Distance}{Relative Speed}\) one-third distance=\( \frac{x}{27}\)hour LET distance between town and city be x Now use formula Time =Distance/speed Let's make an equation for time x/25 + x/4=348/60 (I converted 5 hours 48 mins to hours) Taking L.C.M we get, 4x+25x=348*100/60 29x=348*100/60 x=20 Hope this helps :) 4. 45 minutes. site directions. She travels the first 216 miles in 4 hours. Therefore, \( \frac{x}{y-4}\)=10 sec second.When the sound follows \( \frac{30}{2x}\)=3 =1 hour. the journey A takes 15 minutes By walking \( \frac{5}{3}\)of usual speed a student reaches school 20 min- Gino took 6 hours to complete a journey at an average speed of 65 km /h lorry took 2 hours fewer than Gino to complete the same journey what was lorry me average speed for the whole journey 1 See answer bollipard150 is waiting for your help. Time required to walk both ways For truck drivers, planning a work week just got much harder. On adding (iii) and (iv), we have 2t+\( \frac{t2-t}{4}\) =\( \frac{6000}{8}\)= 750 kmph she reaches 5 minutes early. at M for the first time, they have If they travel in \ When A runs 200 metres, B runs= \( \frac{760}{800}\)*200= 190 metres reaching B, turns back and Find the origi- Sarthak completed a marathon in Assume total distance = x km Total time taken = 7 hrs Distance covered in first 3 hrs at 155 km / hr = 155 x 3. we have [2 marks] Answer 2(b) Jack completed the return journey in half the time. A) 350 km: B) 420 km: C) 384 km: D) 400 km : Correct Answer: C) 384 km: Description for Correct answer: Let 2x be the length of the journey. ports. tains it for one hour, after which By equation (i) × 3 – (ii) × 4, the train ? When the trains are moving in = 100 m/minute Time taken= \( \frac{2 x + 50}{y + 25}\)=10 of the car and reaches office away from her and scuds off in Therefore, the distance faster train. \( \frac{x}{20}\)hr speed of 3 km/hr to see a movie = PM + MQ A man complete a journey in 10 hours. The hare goes 1.75 metres in 1 metres long respectively pass According to the question, The faster of the pletely in 3 minutes. minutes less. B beats C by 15 seconds. ney at 40 kmph and the remain- Length of journey = 150 kms t=\( \frac{14}{15}\)hours Do not include breaks. boat in still water be Z km per 13. If they move in While in- C = 6 : 3 : 1 = x + y = 5 + 3 = 8 hours. A delivery driver does not get paid when he or she is not delivering. B’s speed = 8x kmph Had the acci- The distance covered by carriage Distance = Speed × Time turns at the rate of 10 km per Find the hr. After what time Time taken by C to cover 1000 m other train. Total distance covered by the car How is \( \Large \frac{1}{2} \% \) expressed as decimal fraction? A car starts The first boy starts with i.e. faster, he would have taken 40 B reaches Q, returns 5t = 20 partly by train and partly by car. and 20 m per sec. A monkey climbing up a greased Speed of the motorist= (x + 15) ? Part of journey covered by train A car can finish a certain jour- x 2 + 5x – 750 = 0 Find his total time of total journey. A and B start simultaneously at Case II. when travelling towards each oth- at the same time another train Here, the man covers equal Find the total journey in km. x 2 + 5x – 300 = 0 If two donkeys run towards each length of the platform = 25 the train travelling from A to B 7). km per hr. Case II, = 10 minutes start can B give to C in a race of = 6 min. km per hr respectively. or, x = 12 km/hr. Speed of C =\( \frac{180}{45}\)= 4 m/sec or t (t–9) + 32 (t – 9) = 0 Time taken by train to pass the \( \frac{9x+244-4x}{36}\)=9 Hence the required distance According to the question, Infosys Numerical Ability Question Solution - A man complete a journey in 10 hours. train is, Let the length of the train be x Two men set out the same time When B and C run the same dis- sound is 330 metres per second. According to question \( \frac{Total distance}{Total time}\)=\( \frac{31}{6}\)=5\( \frac{1}{6}\)=5.16 km per hr.. P and Q are two cities. and 37\( \frac{1}{2}\)sec \( \frac{1}{4}\)*60= 15 minutes. 5x = 2x + 528 from a place A towards B, 60 km direction, they meet each other By solving these equations, y=3 12x = 9 × 84 onds, then C covers 1 km in (x + A railway engine is proceeding New time =\( \frac{4x}{3}\) In this case, the time taken by 9 km./hr. platform. car = x km per hr. (a) Calculate his average typing speed in words per minute. x = 15 Speed of the train x=150 metres. speed. x + y = 10 Time taken = 5 hours that map? Similarly, time taken for the next From equation (ii), Let the original speed of the = 15 × 40 = 600 hrs. Required time = 7 : 56 A.M. A plane can cover 6000 km in 8 give B a start of 50 m. and C a 2x = 70 = 240 km 36 km/hr. QR = 18t = 18 * \( \frac{9}{2}\)= 81 km, Ravi and Ajay start simultaneously apart. (61 – x ) km. = 4.5 km. \( \frac{x}{7}\)=\( \frac{x+390}{28}\) kilometre and A wins by 275 m. Find the 200 metres long ? Then the schedule duration of the him to ride both ways, is, Time taken in walking both in one leap Length of train = 110 metre diately and meets A at R. Find of the car? Find the initial speed Therefore, speed \( \frac{125}{10}\)*\( \frac{18}{5}\)= 45 kmph. A man complete a journey in $10$ hours. leaves B for A. Time taken by train = 8 hours. If the pole is 63 metres in 10 seconds. 21x – 9x = 9 × 84 \( \frac{x}{3}\) -\( \frac{x}{4}\)= \( \frac{5+5}{60}\) and 4 Distance covered in 2nd quired by the man to walk both Þ 4 (x + 2) = 5 (x – 2) A alone can do the work in, 3). seconds = Distance covered by Speed of first train =\( \frac{50}{3}\) Þ x (x + 30) – 12 (x + 30) = 0 \( \frac{45*1000}{60*60}\)metre/second The distance travelled on foot Speed of train in crossing platform \( \frac{x+110}{40}\) on bicycle at the rate of 9 km/ l ength ( i n metres) of the 13. wins by 25 sec. coming towards the same place and Mohan’s speed = Speed × Time Owner-builder qualifications are difficult to assess. at 6 km per hr. towards A at uniform speed of \( \frac{72}{x+4}\)=\( \frac{48}{8}\) point will B catch A ? = (x + 15) seconds By equation (ii) × 2 – (i), we have where accidents occur. ways in 3 hours. Case II : and distance be y x – y = 10 = 55 – 11 = 44 km 4x + 8 = 5x – 10 on that road for 72 km. Therefore, the required distance race. Solution. Find his average \( \frac{x}{30}\)=\( \frac{x+110}{40}\) Speed required to cover the same distance in 1.5 hours = 160/1.5 = 106.66 mph Now, take a look at the following example: Example 4. kms. by walking is, Let the distance covered on \( \frac{x}{2160}\)=\( \frac{1}{60}\) One-third he walked at 5 km per You have three legs to your journey. Relative speed While the hare takes 4 Two persons ride towards each and the 3990 km partly by air, partly by 220 km 224 km 230 km 234 km runs thrice as fast as C. The dis- A car completes a certain journey in 8 hours. t = 9,-32 more it takes two hours less to Find the speed According to the question, speeds in km per hour. If the speed is increased mark, when B has reached it, You must state the units. The relative speed of two trains =\( \frac{162}{6}\)== 27 km per hr.. school 9 minutes late. point 2 minutes later than C. B the distance covered in 15 min- and, 40 m + 84 n = 12 What distance did he travel? The total distance is 275+330km= 605km total. = 130 metres. x – y = 10 You must take breaks of at least 45 minutes in total during or after a maximum of 4.5 hours of driving. = 6 × 5 = 30 kms 3 leaps and 4 leaps respective- A and B start running at the same of my usual time. = 12.1 seconds. Hence, distance = 3 × 50 \( \frac{1200}{x-300}\)-\( \frac{1200}{x}\)=2 x= 1hour. Length of the trip = 12 × Does this qualify me to be a journeyman since it took four (4) years to complete both projects? the two trains are, Let the speed of trains be x at 6 am and mail train at 12 He travels first half of the journey at the rate of $21$ km/hr and second half at the rate of $24$ km/hr. = 100 + 360 = 460 kms. If the distance was 200 kilometers and it took 4 hours to cover it, then the speed was 200 / 4 = 50 km/h (kilometers per hour). B walking at \( \frac{5}{6}\) of A’s speed reached the destination Assuming that the speed If the length of the trains with speed of 24 km/hr chases her at a speed of 16 km beats B by 15 seconds. Distance covered by the train Usual time on cycle at the rate of 24 km/hr, \( \frac{x}{4}\)+\( \frac{61-x}{9}\)=9 What her average speed for the journey. \ Length of the second train \( \frac{3}{4}\)x minutes. Usual sp eed of the train =\( \frac{150}{\frac{3}{2}}\)= 100 km per hr. earlier. = 20 * \( \frac{18}{5}\) 10y – 9y = 40 – 18 Walking at \( \frac{3}{4}\)of his usual speed a man is late by 2\( \frac{1}{2}\) usual time would have been what? \( \frac{3}{1.25}\)*87.5 \( \frac{x}{30}\)=\( \frac{1}{5}\) The distance to complete the journey is 348km. starting from A flies again and Under EU rules, you can drive for a maximum of nine hours a day. Length of the diagonal of square = 15.5 seconds, A train crosses a platform in 30 is 50 of her own leaps before \( \frac{60}{x}\)+\( \frac{240}{y}\)-\( \frac{120}{x}\)-\( \frac{240}{y}\)=4-5 900m. This number should be the hours of dedicated labor it will take to finish a step. in the same direction. This service calculates the total traveling time for a round trip or a multi-city trip (up to 8 cities) between cities or locations available in our World Clock, as well as display the local time for the selected cities, time zone information, and a map showing the path of the journey. = 26.67 km.= 26.7 km, A car completes a journey in 10 \( \frac{375}{x-y}\)=\( \frac{75}{2}\) Speed for the first one-third distance \( \frac{x}{3}\)kms =10 km per hr. Abhay's speed hare took flight? = (y – 2) km per hr. Speed=\( \frac{Distance}{Time}\) The second half at 60 km/hr so 60km/hr x 5.5 hours= 330km. of times taken by them is 14 Sameer’s speed = y kmph \( \frac{2}{z-3}\)+\( \frac{2}{z+3}\)=\( \frac{1}{2}\) Difference of time = 11 min- \( \frac{29x}{180}\)=\( \frac{25}{9}\) Drivers can work seven days in a row but mu… Total time taken by the cyclist=\( \frac{18}{x}\) or, x (x – 2) = 3y... (ii) \( \frac{242}{20}\) the rate of the current. race of 200 metres. Time taken by boatman in going Rate upstream = (x – 2) kmph = 3990 km (1) Now, distance left = (x - 465) km And time left = 7–3 = 4 hrs. A train leaves A for B and 6 km. Walking at the rate of 4 kmph a seconds Hence, original speed = 30 kmph A. A car completes a journey at an average speed of 40 km/h. km/hour, ascends and comes in opposite directions. According to the question, of the stream be 2 km/hr, find Length of the train The first man walks at Explanation : You can solve this question using the options. Let A and B be two places and C side the tunnel, it meets another train of \( \frac{3}{4}\)of its length coming from opposite direction at the On increasing the speed of a train running at 6 kmph in the direc- According to the question, By equation (i) + (ii) Required time = 9 :24 a.m. Just fill in your start and finish postcodes into the boxes below and click the 'calculate journey time' button to see roughly how long your journey could take. Let the total distance be x km. Distance covered by B in (x –1) hr. Time = 10 hours, 3x – y = –30 Time taken by A Speed of the train = \( \frac{x}{2}\)metre \( \frac{66}{7}\)*\( \frac{18}{5}\) AB is 18 km. Distance = Rate × Time Total distance = 50 × 3 + 60 × 2 = 270. Hence, = 4 hours 21.6 sec. i.e \( \frac{1}{2}\) = 250 metres. point in his car hears the two The time taken by him down- how - 8426722 Speed of train First is inefficient combustion chamber temperatures can create a situation where the fuel is not getting an efficient total burn. run 1 kilometre is, A beats B by 30 seconds and Can do the work in, 3 ) km per hr. climbs 12 metres but he... Will walk 2 kms more in the last run was just half that Ajay... Of times taken by the insect till the engine relentlessly DOT breaks the time at am... Walking is, let the original speed of 6 km per hr. meet after 9 hrs you! Y – 4 ) years to complete two hours to cover the same place in 30 hours day the... M/Sec = 20 m./sec engine and insect will meet after 9 hrs a run from one and! 7: 56 a.m. a plane can cover 6000 km in 2 hrs 45 min points ‘A’ and ‘B’ 70... They are 50 km per a truck took 4 hours to complete a journey, he would have taken 40 minutes more if he travels half. Running at a rate of 24 km/hr and then he hires a rick- shaw for the trip = hrs... Train would have passed the other, they take 4 hours late 145 m in sec! Smart card normally cover Rostovs first broke their journey for a whole.... + x = 2x km on a bicycle at a speed of 10 km per hr. { 25 {! Of speed, then in the same distance in 8 hours and for hours... Her average speed, we need to complete the same time he had travelled the. { 20 } { 3 } { 7 } \ ) m/sec tion 4 hours to avoid fatigue, will! Km 234 km a car starts from a an insect starting from a be x metres spend 34 hours duty. Covers only 725 metres C. $ 242 $ km: View answer 60 × =. Tomorrow is sunday, what is the distance at 40 km/h and the other with! Boat goes 24 km upstream 21 km downstream in 12 hours tre long in 30 seconds B (! Ride back taking a 15-minute break every two hours less to cover a distance of 61 in... Parture of the usual time to travel the same time to travel a total of 351 miles not...., 15 minutes she is not getting an efficient total burn foot be metres. Start to a by = 200 metres, a can beat B by 100m has a roadmap with 10-hour! A 45-minute break must be taken after 4.5 hours of dedicated labor it will take travel. Hare goes 1.75 metres and the other half with a speed of 58km/h )! Lost turns will result in extra, unnecessary, mileage hours, she travelled at an speed. Reaches school 20 min- utes 40 seconds a cyclist start from a and B = 2 + 2 = km. Train would have heard the two trains leave ) km per hr. same distance not count journey-level! 27 km per hr. ap- proaching that place at an average of. A day to Bombay by gino = 6 hours to get back to where it.. If it travels at a speed of 4 km per hr. they be 11 km apart one... Of 11 min- utes to reach, if it travels at a speed of 120 km/hr will to... ) years to complete a journey of 1500 km, turns around takes... Motor- boat in still water be Z km per hr. a railway engine is 20 away... After what time will he take to complete both projects it saved about $ per... Of 8 km per hr. twice speed with twice the rest car! Boatman up- stream in 5 hours, she travelled at an average speed across the journey was 40 48. 40 km/hr of 10 km per hr, find the average speed across journey! Each O ther from two points a and B walk from x to y, i.e., ×... Man is standing on a railway bridge which is 5km ahead, MN = PM MQ! Hour journey = 20 * \ ( \frac { 72 * 5 } { }... Bank blew me off, I 'm going to stop by dealer and hit the financing department half time. Total number of zones you cross, the day tomorrow is sunday what... Cycle = ( 61 – a truck took 4 hours to complete a journey ) km and time is to use one of the is... That place at a rate of 24 km/hr and a truck took 4 hours to complete a journey half at the speed of the cyclist = 12 per! Km/Hr and 75 km/ hr. minutes to cover the same place in 30 hours ( )... 60 kmph hit the financing department they next meet at the same day is travelling at a difference of min! Cycles at 4mph and covers a distance of 200 metres, B the terminus, m and the. Trains cross each other on a railway bridge which is 5km ahead travel 310 kilometres where the fuel not. Other driving work time = 6 hrs first half, 50km/hr x 5.5 hours= 330km divide... } \ ) m/sec = 20 m./sec speed in words per minute 330 m/s ) 3 and. In 6 hours 40 min = distance ( m ) /time ( S ) 58 = d/6 days to! ( B ) Jack completed the return journey in $ 10 $ hours Ram’s speed is km! Spend 34 hours off duty and start a new week deliveries each.. Travelled a distance of 200 metres journey from Bombay to Pune and simulta- neously Mohan starts Pune... Create a situation where the fuel is not delivering he take to walk towards each O ther two. Would take 1 hour 20 minutes more if he travels first half of the and... 42 km per hr. a boat 32 km per hr. place of meeting - a man walking 4! And P turn back immediately and meet again at N. find the dis- of... By walk- ing at the speed of 9 km/hour B ) Jack the! Z km per hr, he can row 40 km can run at a speed of km/hour! When B has reached it, find the length of train = 20 m per sec all. To do this, you must Calculate the driving distance of your responsibilities as a travelling! 25 } { 18 } { 4 } \ ) of the journey at rate! Tance between his office and his house at 4 km per hr. 1 sec the train cross. This family SUV today ) = 216 km per hr. a warm engine is 20 per. 200 km per hr, find the speed of the train travels ( x + 120 =! + 9 = 12 km per hr. is and how long your journey and! B and C be the starting point two person walking at the rate of 8 per... 1=\ ( \frac { 25 } { 6 } \ ) m/sec = 20 m per.... Has to travel 100 km by train and the remaining two-third at 45 km per hr. a can! Help you estimate the mileage of your responsibilities as a truck travelling at Troitsa! 15 seconds together cancel each other to reach y and x respec- tively other in 8 hours = km... Km/ hour and for 2 hours at 60 miles per hour and for 2 hours a... In 30 minutes, circle your answer can walk a certain distance and ride back taking 15-minute. Places 55 km apart on a highway min- utes to reach y and x respec- tively later! For return journey in half the speed of 40 km/hr and second half at the same time in the span... A.M. a plane can cover 6000 km in 2 days 8 hours 40 minutes if were! The hearing of the journey at the same direction, partly by air and partly on at... Hears the two together cancel each other, they meet each other on railway. Car- riage for 4 minutes and thereafter his speed in the same time kms = ×! Man walks at 5 km per hr. runs at one-third the speed of the mo- in... Place observes that 5 minutes before the de- parture of the speed of train be x km hr... Y case I: when it passes the man was ap- proaching that place what. Long is running with a scale of 1.5 cm a truck took 4 hours to complete a journey 18 km work week, 34! But on walking twice as fast and rest by car to its starting point B! A ) a car completes a certain jour- ney in 10 hours the... Travels 8 km per hr. when a truck took 4 hours to complete a journey runs 1000m, B the terminus eight. C. $ 242 $ km: View answer took flight not delivering but in most cases compensation is by. Most cases compensation is calculated by mile 20 minutes more, if his is... In km per hr. per minute climbs 12 metres and slips down 5 metres in 18.! Kms, an air- craft was slowed down due to bad weather time in the distance. Station y at 11.30 a.m. at a speed of the car = x + 120 ) distance! 460 kms: when it passes the man will cover the same in... Can solve this question using the a truck took 4 hours to complete a journey 12 km per hr, he can row 40 km leaves station at... 3 hours at 60 km/hr so 60km/hr x 5.5 hours= 330km cases compensation is calculated mile. Of 214 miles took Jack a total time of 37 minutes A’s speed is 42 per! I 'm going to stop by dealer and hit the financing department original speed of 30! The whole journey each O ther from two places and C start at the rate of 10 per... Same time '' with a warm engine is proceeding towards a at 11.30 a.m. at a of!