And it provides energy to your body for the workout. Benefits & Side Effects, Oatmeal Benefits – 8 Reasons to Add Oats to Your Diet, Is Gatorade Good for You? Sweet potatoes are higher in sugar and fibers as compared to regular potatoes. Click Here. This is great news, especially since they’re completely natural compared to the numerous chemical food dyes on the market that have been linked to several adverse effects on health. Blend. It helps people with diabetes manage their blood sugar and helps reduce insulin resistance. So, sweet potato benefits include cancer prevention as well. Many people have started substituting sweet potatoes for regular potatoes in their food. Sweet potatoes are also richer in fiber and vitamin A as compared to regular potatoes. Their fossilized remains have been found in the Andes and have been dated back to 8000 years. Sweet Potatoes are a rich source of carbohydrates. Boil Sweet Potato ( Mitha Aloo ). Other studies have discovered that high amounts of vitamin C and E can fight oxidative stress which leads to cataracts (12). Side Effects of Eating Raw Sweet Potatoes. Research has shown that deficiency in vitamin A can lead to fertility problems in women (18). Peel a Sweet Potato ( Mitha Aloo ). Articles related to health are for general information purpose only. Keep Your Dog From Sweet Potato Vines . Overweight- If you are already overweight then you are eating Sweet Potato in a high amount then you are gain unhealthy weight. Peel off the skin. No serious adverse effects were reported in a Cochrane review of clinical trials of caiapo use in type 2 diabetes.8 Patients with known hypersensitivity reactions to the plant may develop generalized urticaria, hypotension, and edema of the hands and face. Safety & Side Effects. Image source: Have it. So, enjoy sweet potatoes benefits by making it a part of your diet. Boil and peel. Another study on 18 male patients of diabetes showed that short-term treatment with caiapo improves metabolic control in type 2 diabetic patients by decreasing insulin resistance without affecting body weight, glucose effectiveness or insulin dynamics (7). There's no disadvantage to eating sweet potatoes unless you're prone to kidney stones from oxalates. Your Query - This is a community service. Possible Side Effects Of Eating Sweet Potatoes In Pregnancy Excess of any nutrient could be harmful in pregnancy. My father got serpi(skin allergy) one year ago. Cut in to pieces. In addition to feeling sluggish or sleepy during the day, many people struggle with headaches and trouble focusing when they do not eat the carbs they need. Sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index rating, which makes it the perfect choice for people with diabetes. In fact, the antioxidant activity in its skin is almost three times as high as the rest of the tissue (5). Boil Sweet Potato. Before using Sweet Potato, please consult a doctor if you have ever had oxalate urinary tract stones. 1. Antioxidants help prevent diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, and cancer. Yes, it is safe to swim while you on periods. படித்தால் இதை சாப்பிடாம இருக்க முடியாது ! They contain mannitol, a type of sugar that can cause stomach pain, bloating, and diarrhea in sensitive people. Take 2 medium sized Sweet Potato ( Shakarkandi ). Sweet potatoes are starchy root vegetables that provide plenty of nutritional benefits. Sweet potatoes, though called as such, are only distantly related to potatoes. It is not intended to replace a doctor. வள்ளியே..சர்க்கரை வள்ளியே ! Loaded Sweet Potatoes. This vitamin plays many vital roles in the body. Please do not use SMS English, Short Text and Words like hi, hello. So, the excess might lead to minor side effcets on skin or nails and may also cause Constipation. Butter Pecan Sweet Potatoes. Antioxidants fight free radicals to reduce inflammation and lower the risk of chronic disease. While sweet potatoes are sweet, yams are starchy and dry. Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) belongs to the Convolvulaceae botanical family, along with plants like morning glory and bindweed. The purple sweet potato contains anthocyanins, which possess memory enhancing properties (16). There are no scientifically proven side effects. Historical and clinical data report no serious adverse reactions. However, in the mid-twentieth century, this waned because the vegetable Read, 18 Best Brain Foods to Enhance Memory & Concentration. Eat them. Currently, they are grown all across the American continent, as well as Polynesia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and China. This nutritious vegetable contains beta-carotene, a carotenoid which converts to vitamin A. There is no evidence of significant adverse effects from eating white sweet potato or taking its extract. Peel off the skin. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a hundred gram serving of sweet potato contains (2) –. Research has also shown that a deficiency in magnesium can lead to depression and anxiety (22). Let it dry and rinse with normal water. Sweet potatoes are also lower in their glycemic index as compared to regular potatoes. These tubers are also rich in vitamin B6, which helps blood to flow freely through the arteries and blood vessels. Sweet potatoes are, in fact, more nutritious than yams. Pickles are rich in antioxidants, vitamin K, vitamin A, improve electrolyte balance, improve digestion, treat muscle cramps and restless leg syndrome, control blood sugar levels, and are helpful during pregnancy. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium and magnesium – the two minerals that help control blood pressure and kidney function. You may have stomach pain, headache, bone issues, etc. In the United States, this vegetable is known for its starchy and sweet-tasting flavor, although its shoots and leaves are eaten as greens in other parts of the world. Sweet Potato when consumed in large amount stimulates sexual potency. Many studies have also shown that high intake of potassium helps reduce blood pressure (20). Americans’ consumption of sweet potatoes used to be significant. The magnesium content in sweet potatoes benefits the digestive process. Iron also supports healthy ovulation and improves eggs health. In fact, one medium sweet potato contains more than the recommended daily amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps in the formation of pigments which are responsible for light absorption. The orange colored sweet potatoes are a rich source of beta-carotene, which is known to improve vision, respiratory health and even skin (2). If you have a history of stones in Kidneys or Bladder, then you must avoid it. Sweet potatoes are considered safe for most people, though some people may develop an allergic reaction. It stimulates the production of immune cells that help fight disease and infection (8). The fiber content in sweet potatoes are higher than that of common potatoes and they taste better too! This facility can be a school, community center, old age care facility, or even a sizeable manufacturing facility. Add a little water. Sweet potatoes last a while before cooking them, but only if you choose the appropriate ones. Take a slice of Sweet Potato ( Mitha Aloo ). Sweet potatoes are rich in magnesium, which is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Sweet Potato. They help to lower the risk of heart disease, improve blood sugar control, help lose weight, lower the risk of childhood asthma, protect the skin, and treat constipation, among many other health benefits.