Subpart 5113.2 - Actions At or Below the Micro-Purchase Threshold. Printer friendly AFARS PART 5107 Subpart 5107.1 -- Acquisition Plans o 5107.103 -- Agency-head responsibilities. The second interim final rule incorporates AFARS 5152.225-74-9000. 4500, “Government Purchase Cards” e. (b)(1) Individual purchases under BPAs established in accordance with FAR 13.303-2(c)(3) may exceed the simplified acquisition threshold. The nomination, appointment, and selection of CHs must be done in accordance with AFARS Part 5113 upon receiving the customized training. (b)  Cardholders shall not break down (split) requirements into several purchases merely to avoid any requirement that applies to purchases exceeding the micro-purchase threshold. Contact Us | Privacy and Security Notice | Accessibility Aids | Last updated 12/26/20. AFARS stands for Automated Federal Aviation Regulations Subsystem. (b)  It is not necessary to modify a purchase order to document a shortage in the final shipment, provided the shortage is within the permissible variation in quantity, if any, established in the purchase order. UAI 5113.501 Special documentation requirements. AFARS POC: Office … Check our Regulation Archives. (a)  The contracting officer shall do the following: (1)  Ensure that those individuals authorized to place calls under BPAs have received training and orientation in accordance with paragraph (b). (e)  The purchase card may also be used to pay for Government-owned materiel or Government-performed services received from other Government sources (i.e., Document Automated Printing Service (DAPS), GSA, Defense Logistics Agency). Subpart  5113.5 - Simplified Procedures for Certain Commercial Items. In accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 13.301, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Subpart 213.201 and Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFARS) Subpart 5113.270-90 and Army GPC Operating Procedures, May 2013 edition, the … (G)  Perform oversight reviews on approving officials to ensure cardholder adherence to policy and procedures. (b)  When the bulk funding concept defined at FAR 13.101 is used, the contracting officer must inform the finance and accounting officer at the close of each accounting month of the amount of all purchases made from the bulk funding accounting by use of the Standard Form 44. -Primary Credit Card Holder - Place credit card orders for all small offices in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) part 13 “Simplified Acquisition Procedures”, DFARS, Part 213.3 “Government-wide commercial purchase card”, and AFARS, Part 5113… See Appendix GG for further delegation. (b)  CCOs and A/OPCs shall not issue cards to contractors. (iii)  The CCO may require additional training depending on the thresholds and circumstances established for the card s use. (i)  The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) has management responsibility of the purchase card program. If the supplier does not agree to use this procedure, or if a time payment discount offered is not possible because of this procedure, the contracting officer must process the individual Standard Form 44 without delay to take the time payment discount. (2)  Review accounts with significant dollar or transaction volume on a more frequent basis. AFARS - PART 5129 Taxes. The threshold for services covered by the Services Contract Act is $2,500. The log shall be the cardholder log within the bank s electronic access system. (2)  Provide a copy of the BPA to individuals authorized to place BPA calls. A duly appointed, disinterested third party will conduct audits. Most states will exempt purchases made by the Government from state and local taxes. • Current government Purchase Card Holder (GPC) coordinates purchases in accordance with FAR part 13, DFARS Part 213, AFARS Part 5113. Orientation must focus on the BPA process, except that if the same individual will also be a purchase cardholder, BPA orientation must be in addition to the purchase card program orientation. For example, if you look at the the Army FAR supplement (AFARS) at the Hill AFB FARSite, you will see parts 5101, 5102, 5103, all the way up to 5153. The function covered by these management control evaluation checklists is contracting.. BB-101 Purpose.. Consider electronic statement of account received on the first day following the end of the billing cycle. AFAR College of Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination. Orientation shall address GSA, card-issuing bank and installation-unique policies. (e)  When using the purchase card to pay for services and/or supplies received from other Government sources (i.e., DAPS, GSA) stores or depots, Defense Logistics Agency, procurement thresholds do not apply. UAI 5113.201 General. If the merchant refuses to work with the cardholder, or if 45 days have passed without resolution since receipt of the statement containing the questionable transaction, the cardholders shall formally dispute the transaction with the card-issuing bank. See Appendix GG for further delegation. operator maintenance advanced aviation forward area refueling system model m100a1 replace unisex coupling face seal/dust cap seal operator, unit, direct support and general support maintenance advanced aviation forward area refueling system model m100a1 general information Receipt of the item should be within the billing cycle or by the time of receipt of the monthly report to simplify monthly reconciliation. (A)  Serve as the purchase card focal point at each activity; (B)  Establish, and maintain current cardholder and approving official accounts; (C)  Coordinate with resource managers, spending limits and finance and accounting data used in establishing cardholder and approving official accounts; (D)  Not establish accounts or allow the certification of invoices by billing officials until the CCO or A/OPC issues required letters of delegations and appointment letters to cardholders and approving officials/certifying officials; and. (vi)  Cardholders shall do the following: (A)  Reconcile purchases actually made within three working days of receipt of their monthly statement of account. (ii)  Cardholders and certifying officials shall receive procurement ethics training. Subpart  5113.3 - Simplified Acquisition Methods. b. IAW AFARS 5113.270-90(h), the GPC may be used to purchase authorized supplies and equipment up to the micro-purchase threshold (currently $3,000). "This system is subject to monitoring. (c)(1)  The head of the contracting activity, on a non-delegable basis, has the authority to make the determination as described in FAR 13.500(c)(1). Staff shall handle all broken glass or other "sharps" with broom, dust pan, tongs, or forceps in order to reduce the risk of exposure. (B)  Maintain a log of purchases. The list of abbreviations related to AFARS - Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (iv)  Maintain continuing surveillance over individuals to ensure compliance with acquisition regulations. 5113.270-90  Use of the Government commercial purchase card. (3)  Use of the GPC is mandatory as the method of payment for soldiers tuition when the Centralized Tuition Assistance Management in GoArmyEd processes the request, funding, approval and enrollment verification of the specific course. (b)  In addition to the review procedures in FAR 13.303-6, contracting officers who authorize individuals to place calls under BPAs shall -. • For the reasons stated in the preamble, the Department of the Army revises 32 CFR part 518-The Army Freedom of Information Act Program as follows: PART 518-THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT PROGRAM Subpart A-General Provisions Sec. Prior to using the card this way, the contracting office shall determine that use of the card for payment is in the best interest of the Government. (a)  The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) shall make the approval as described in FAR 13.305(a). This AFARS appendix establishes key internal controls for management of contracting functions and the method for evaluating the effectiveness of these controls. AFARS - PART 5113 Simplified Acquisition Procedures Subpart 5113.2 - Actions At or Below the Micro-Purchase Threshold 5113.201 General. SUBPART 5113.5 – SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURES FOR CERTAIN COMMERCIAL ITEMS . (a)  CCOs or A/OPCs should delegate micro-purchase authority to the lowest possible level. Navy, Office of Naval Research, Atmospheric Sciences” to “U.S. 5107.103-90 -- Distribution of written acquisition plans. 5129.201 General. Single purchase limits will be set commensurate to the level of the consolidated GPC invoice submitted by each university or college. (4)  For contingency or humanitarian operations as authorized in a specific appropriations act or an Executive Order, the applicable act or order may adjust the micro-purchase threshold. (g)  Use the purchase card as a method of payment for all commercial training $25,000 and below for the following: (1)  Standard Form 182, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training, in accordance with United States Code 41 for civilians. 1. (F)  Ensure appropriate functional participation in the development and administration of the program (e.g., finance and accounting, director of logistics, director of public works, legal counsel, etc.). in the references listed inparagraph 1-4 and the following: AFARS 5113.201, Chapter 2 andAppendix A of the DOD Government Charge Card Guidebook; Volume 1,Part 4, Chapter 4500 of the Treasury Financial Manual; Office ofManagement and Budget (OMB) Circular 123, Appendix B Revised,Chapters o 5113.270-90-100 Use of Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card – Added reference to DASA(P) PARC Policy Alerts 13-31, Interim Guidance - Army Government Purchase Card, Operating Procedures (AFARS Appendix EE), and 13-42 Purchase Card On-Line System (PCOLS) Deployment Plan and Policy. 5113.303  Blanket purchase agreements (BPAs). (i)  Ensure that individuals equitably distribute calls among suppliers with BPAs; (ii)  Ensure that individuals do not split requirements to evade monetary limitations; (iii)  Require that individuals refer to the contracting officer for consideration all cases where the individuals do not consider prices to be reasonable; and.