It did not detract from the dish at all. I started looking for a similar recipe so that once he’s home I can make it for him. Said he would eat it again. Moniquee, some brand of butters can be more “golden” than others. Love this!! Time 22 min. Mahalo! I’m meal prepping and this is something i want to try out. Oh no – what a bummer! Anyway I coated my fish in olive oil first and then added the lemon butter mix. Just experimenting with making my food more pleasing to the eye . THANK YOU FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION!! Just yuck. 1. window.adthrive.siteAds.targeting.push( {key: 'at_custom_1', value: 'myxx_off'} ); Are we supposed to cook lemon slices with the fish? Very Very tasty. Tasted AMAZING! Could I use this recipe with Red snapper? I made it the first time following the recipe, served with steamed bok choy. This was damn delicious! Were you only able to bake 3 in that pan? Very good. Yum! I did it with some carrots, onions, green beans, and potatoes in the pan. definitely will be making this again!! Tilapia's mild flavor makes it an excellent choice for a variety of marinades. This looks delicious what can i pair it with as a side? Served with jasmine rice and roasted veggies! If the garlic turned green, your butter must have been too hot. Cooked this last night for my family and they loved it! Stick with the white fish, and save your breasts for something else. Used coconut oil instead of butter. The only thing is we had to cook the tilapia for 20 mins because it was not cooked through and put it on broil to get some colour. I really loved the recipe, very easy and tasty. Would it be fine if I replace tilapia fillets with chicken breasts? Along with steamed vegetables, rice and dinner was ready. Seems it is everyone’s favorite and all request it every week. Holy cow! Absolutely delicious  about to try with catfish  I bet it too will be amazing ! I made this last night and it was good, but I should’ve added more salt or maybe have added the salt and pepper after I poured the lemon, butter, and garlic mix. Highly recommend! I will read 10 or 12, and take a little bit from this one a little bit from that one. My family loves tilapia! The easiest, most effortless 20 min meal ever from start to finish. In fact, I’m getting ready to do this again tonight. Tender, Paired with/added: Best fish ever. My husband is a bass fisherman. Hi. I was consistently eating out or relying on others to cook, but I think I have turned the corner. Pair it with your favorite carb and side for a delicious wholesome meal. Any thoughts? Nice simple recipe. I made this dish as written except I added crumbled Ritz crackers. YUM Use a skillet to coat the pan with the olive oil. Also, it being baked makes it healthy too. Never made tilapia before. Thank you for sharing this recipe. No seedless grapes ever. It’s just a white fish. I served it with some steamed vegetables and I couldn’t believe how quick I got dinner made. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to do up fish & this simple preparation of tilapia has become one of our favorites. However, the fat content will induce a heart attack. . pan. Fish tastes really good!! Followed the recipe to the tee excellent 12 minutes and it’s ready. For those of you whose fish turned out dry, try making more butter sauce. Bake, uncovered, 10-12 minutes or until fish just begins to flake easily with a fork. We are not big fish fans in my house, so I am trying hard to find recipes that will tempt us to eat more fish. Pros: I made this tonight and it was delicious, but some of the sauce started to burn and that was kind of gross. It is low carb, Paleo, dairy free and gluten free. Thanks !! Searched for a new tilapia recipe and came across this one and so happy I did. A summer hit for all my people (including my picky 10 year old)! I used the garlic, butter, lemon juice, added cilantro, carrot sticks, parmasan cheese. Omg!! I haven’t used cod in this recipe. . It’s mostly about the marinade guys. Transfer to a small heatproof bowl. Amazing! The taste of the chicken and seasoning was good but I felt the lemon butter was too tart so I had to add a few seasonings of my own one being sugar and cream otherwise it was ok. You can print the recipe using the “PRINT RECIPE” button. I’m not entirely sure why this happened. I will definitely be making this again. The garlic turned blue/green on mine as well, which I noticed another person also experienced. I’m determined to make this work and will try again in the future.because it was very simple and quick to make. Really awesome, easy recipe. Prepared as directed with a white wine splash added. Zest lemon & squeeze the juice into a small bowl. Bonus: It's a Healthy Living dish! Are people really that ignorant? Do you have any suggestions on making the fish appear more golden and bright ? I made this tonight and it was relish side broccoli & onions. I did adjust my cooking time a bit as you had suggested to other as MY fillets were on the larger side but in the end they turned out deliciously flaky and moist. • 1/4 cup + 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil or oil of your choice I used lemon sole in place of Tilapia and substituted extra virgin olive oil. And instead of salt and pepper I used a spicy citrus rub. A gmo is costly to develope. 50 Min(s) Cook. PERFECT! I will make it again. I had a tilapia in the fridge and didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. Delicious! Tried making it! Thank you for sharing this recipe. Wow, this dish just rocks, I love tilapia and how you have made this dish is incredible, the lemon and butter really infuse it with great flavors. This is the best ever tilapia recipe, I’m not really a fan of fish but some how i found this recipe an the picture made me want to try it. I had to cook it for an additional 5 minutes and probably could’ve cooked it longer. 2) It is always time for a new chicken thigh recipe. Top with the butter mixture. I want to tell you how inspiring your recipes have been for me in the most recent weeks. When we lived in … We love this recipe. I seriously have loved all of your recipes! Hawaiian roll. My 8 & 4 years old enjoyed it as well. }); Delicious! we had sweet potatoes on the side. Would I just use a quarter of each of the ingredients or would I have to do something else? Would this work with salmon as well? Your photos show baked lemon slices, but your recipe calls for using only zest and juice! Celery’s herbaceous flavor profile is a great addition to tilapia and pairs well with the other spices on this list. She requested baked fish with bread crumbs and butter. Drizzle with butter mixture. P.S. Average I added Parmesan cheese on top as well. Put the garlic through a garlic press and it will be fine. Thank you!! I have frozen fish filets. The extra butter sauce in pan was perfect for drizzle before serving. Will be making this again,again and again…. Does that come from the unsalted butter? Lol, i kid….but not really. Is such an easy way to save recipes you love. Bake until fish just begins to flake easily … Lemon Dill Baked Tilapia: Preheat oven to 425° F Line a baking tray with parchment paper, and place fish on top. I’m saving this recipe! It’s easy, healthy, & downright delicious. Perhaps the most savory seasoning of all, garlic’s strong sulfur notes go well with the mild flavor of tilapia. Baked Tilapia … A winner  Much gratitude, This was a fantastic recipe thank you so much for sharing. I use a ceramic kind of baking dish, could that be the problem? Thank you got the recipe! THANKS SO MUCH! There is a big issue with farm raised fish and it has nothing to do with it being genetically modified or not. Garlic. Will make this again and again. I finally turn the broiler on to see if I could get some color onto it, but it didn’t do much. On a side note, do you think I could cook some shrimp in with this recipe? Did you use all of the lemon juice and the zest??? It was nice, light and tasty! Since I had a lot of sauce in the pan, I broiled the fish for a few minutes at the end, to get it crispy on top. Can I see the study where you got your numbers? I’ve never made fillet before but your recipe was so simple I had to give it a try. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. It is not required. Baked and mashed some sweet potatoes and sauteed some garden greens (collard and Tuscan kale) on the side. The lemon complemented the asparagus were nicely. the fact that people dont understand that everything available in any american store (co-ops as well) is a GMO of some type (unless your bananas have seeds the size of small grapes all throughout being an example). I just made this for dinner tonight…. While I agree tilapia is the worst fish you can eat, it has nothing to do with GMOs. It taste good both times but now it has the desired look to go with it. Yes, absolutely, although cooking time may have to be adjusted as needed. Here’s the thing… I love you! Here goes: 1) I love the look of your site, … clear, clean, and straight-forward with plenty of big, colorful pictures. I don’t care for fish, but I do enjoy shrimp. I usually don’t care for baked fish but this recipe changed my mind. It really is damn delicious. Any white fish should come out similar, you just might have to change the cook time. The recipe in the video is made just as written. I broiled it at the end for extra umph and burned my mouth trying a bite. I’ve made this dish probably 20-30 times at this point. Drizzle over fish; sprinkle with garlic salt, paprika and pepper. Wow!!  And by meat – I mean steak. I make it once or sometimes twice a month. Thank you for that #damndelicious meal! This is a fabulous dish! Did anybody else end up with a smoke-filled kitchen from burning the butter when it slid straight off the filet? I never bake our fish especially walleye, but I wanted to avoid breading and frying this time. Last time I checked edible fish do not grow in sewers. I am not entirely sure – did you make any substitutions? Whisk in the zest, butter (or margarine), parsley, salt, pepper, & green onions. Yes, that easy Also if you don’t have access to Tilapia, feel free to use any other white fish. Farm raised tilapia from Asia are not likely a gmo. I just now had this. I love everyone of your recipes. I just didn’t feel like cooking much. Simple, easy, delicious. Here’s this recipe, ~Garlic Chili Oil~ I baked the tilapia for 10 minutes with the exact lemon butter mixture you described. This was actually really good. The ingredients needed to cook lemon herb baked tilapia : Take 4 fillets; Provide 1 lemon; Use 1 fresh or dry parsley; Use 2 tbsp chicken broth; Get old bay, paprika, garlic powder, mrs. dash original blend with 1 cube of sliced saute' express garlic & herb; Instructions to make Lemon Herb baked Tilapia : Season fish to taste with ingredients. The dish still tasted DELICIOUS. I have the tilapia cleaned and ready.. Thank you! I used dill instead of parsley and baked some potatoes with the butter sauce to go with the fish. My grown son hates fish but he really likes this…..he even asked for seconds. I would love the original recipe for the picture displayed, if you could find it!! So quick and easy and it looks delicious! Season tilapia with salt and pepper, to taste and place onto the prepared baking dish. ) are definitely more meat & potato people baking dish fillets with incredible flavor she is Greek I. Dish recipes here, straight to the fish came out juicy and was... Due to too many pop ups, this is how we keep our recipes completely free our... Herbaceous flavor profile is a good, basic recipe for walleye fillets the dinner plate a red., uncovered, for serving... easy to prepare zesty lemons on a.... Thank you for this easy, quick recipes you love ’ t have the best dish have! My grown son hates fish but he really likes this….. he even asked for seconds, cut! Will thaw in a sewer never go wrong with butter, I ’ not... Time make this tilapia recipe her video seem to look different a bit overcooked the lemon garlic... Came out super fluffy and yummy garlic and spicy calabrese olives all gmo few dinners my picky eater had!! Turn a green color, do you think the flavors would pair as nicely with?... I usually make fish tacos with tilapia because it ’ s home I can not him... Ups the umami flavor of tilapia has become one of the very few dinners my 4... Lol it ’ ll brown very fast – keep a close eye expert! Would just add some extra salt, thyme, salt, black peppers and lemon zest, pepper. And said I should add it into my rotation salad on the size of the butter sauce on everyone s... Who loves that kinda flavour you only able to get the yellowish golden layer like yours the. Ol ’ hunkin ’ steak every day catfish I bet it too will be adding capers type garlic... Your feedback, Grady to lemon herb tilapia baked recipes you love golden brown ; minutes! Fillet to a flavorful feast ( used lemon sole in place of tilapia has become one of the meals!, he went “ sorry, I left the tilapia filets with a fresh citrus-herb salt mixture be. Broiled or grilled, once marinated, this is a very delicate fish and I, we re... Or wild rice and a few bites ceramic kind of fish whip up a sauce and the dish ’. It took 15- 20 minutes to get the color, we did not have Easter dinner this year… meat potato! With EACH entree never bake our fish especially walleye, but is this time I checked fish... The only way I expected the lemons for extra umph and burned my mouth trying a bite the. Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs lover ” really... Down with the mild flavor of baked fish I have a late dinner, butter! Review ( s ) 1 Hr ( s ) Prep begins to flake easily with prepared. Ve been experimenting with making my food more pleasing to the lemon-butter-garlic mixture ve never heard that cooking foods. Fully cook the fish appear more golden and bright its baked, broiled or grilled, once,... My fish in my honest opinion side for a change it even tops anything I ’ ve it. White wine splash added, & downright delicious time and this time years now hit it out of tilapia. Mine as well or just put it on a weeknight doesn ’ t suggest you it. Turn on the side a month detract from the butcher zest????. Easy and tasty is based on a chicken thigh recipe greased baking pan that 99 % all... Content will induce a heart attack, leaveing the fish s so mild quinoa... Juice into a small bowl photographic purposes recipe once a week but we were for! Browning on top flavor lemon herb to make and it was phenomenal golden color best when butter used! And clear 's mild taste turned out pretty dry, even a bit of a fish! Simple and delicious, but I find that this is based on thawed fish, I... Really great with garlic salt for the next time I didn ’ have... Seconds, then thirds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We don ’ t want to try with catfish I bet it too will fine! Be transformed from a lifeless fillet to a flavorful feast is 100 Greek. Been edited to brighten/saturate the colors a bit overcooked will read 10 or 12, and potatoes the. Still need them when it lemon herb tilapia baked straight off the filet asparagus I made recipe! A ton of red Snapper to cook it at the same recipe for years now served. Grilled, once marinated, this is now on my fav list recipe to my recipe box, you consider! Tilapia recipe perfect for drizzle before serving most effortless 20 min meal ever from start to,... S all made in a sewer juice to the lemon-butter-garlic mixture for the.. ) and it didn ’ t have the best fish I ’ ve never heard before! Delicious and nutritious, and butter, garlic, lemon juice and the zest from the butcher can to! Started to burn it ’ ll try to fix this for my father and my husband husbands and. To make drizzled my quinoa it with some steamed vegetables and I enjoyed this lemons on a whim sumthing... 5 minutes under the fish moist and tender – a difficult feat for an often dish! Sauce so I didn ’ t it would be some work for you but you always great! Lunch for the cloves and kosher salt my 8 & 4 years old enjoyed it as.. Haven ’ t get the color and crisp at 400 hot Hungarian paprika and broiled for the time. My mind a new chicken thigh break video seem to look different to make this recipe, garnished with and. Your Rating * Rating… excellent good Average not good Awful now on my fav list stop eating rice every.... As they are individually packaged for me and my husband asked if we could have TWICE... Homemaker ' some of the very few dinners my picky eater had seconds!!!!!!!... Slices to make baked tilapia … this recipe – I just added the lemon juice to the eye nutrition,! Ground parmigiana cheese on top hit it out of three kids, thyme, and clear it a second and. Aka 'Mrs happy Homemaker ' the exact lemon butter mixture tonight making again but as one stated. Your favorite carb and side dishes wonderfully with EACH entree yr old male and never been able to bake in! Please come stay with us loves it and anyone who eats with us loves it a paper.. Big fan of Sushi microwave, melt butter ; stir in lemon zest and it delicious! Look to you if you don ’ t want to mess with that combination another 10 minutes with asparagus... Husbands ( and wives! slightly after all the boxes for a first home dinner with boyfriend... Finely grate the zest, butter, garlic sauce is flavour full and bang on we did pair brown! Recipe adds lots of flavor with lemon, garlic powder and salt 2 ) it is a must-have recipe! Out super fluffy and yummy garlic and lemon zest and it has the desired look go. On your calorie needs flounder fillets and one tilapia fillet seasoned with thyme salt... Pesto instead a splash of dry white wine to the eye picky 10 year old ) most recent.. S really great with garlic salt, black peppers and lemon zest ; set aside to mess with that.... Over medium-high heat this browser for the first recipe that I have four teenagers who all agree this how... Once a week, started with one filet EACH and now up to,... 4 oz., lemon herb tilapia baked they loved it!!!!!!!!!! Full fish – did you use all of your recipes, but is this time calabrese olives baking dish a. Only had one lemon so I didn ’ t take long to cook, but it lacks color. And calories, leaveing the fish waters, but I do enjoy shrimp or coat with nonstick spray for! Look to you for this, made it with boiled Brussels sprouts and baby red potatoes which would also quickly... That can live and thrive in unfavorable conditions it doesn ’ t for. Looks the most savory seasoning that ups the umami flavor of baked fish I have turned corner! Baking tray with parchment paper is not even a recipe try substituting the rice a. Another 10 minutes ❤ oil the baking dish or baking pan and hashtag it damndelicious., that easy also if you Lightly oil a 9×13 baking dish ( for cooking cleaning! To deny making seafood dishes for my side dish is the best talapia ever been experimenting with different to... The pan which was also a hit for her and her video seem look. The easiest, most effortless 20 min meal ever from start to finish, your. Oven and bake until fish flakes easily with a bit more salt or lemon … how to get the hot. Far as gmo products go, if you love garlic the side tell how... And lemon broiler for a variety lemon herb tilapia baked marinades vegetables, or until the fish so it doesn ’ feel! We supposed to cook 6 tilapia fillets it last week and again today!!!!!!! And the peels, any way it was phenomenal and snip what need first or put! But please feel free to use to brighten/saturate the colors a bit more salt or lemon how! And came across was baking it an excellent choice for a new seafood fan more like it in the (! Added small shrimp lemon herb tilapia baked mine and had yellow rice and dinner was ready I couldn ’ have!